What a typical class is like

IMG_9182A typical class is split into 4 sections

  1. Warm up : – This involves warming up the entire body and getting enough oxygen to all areas. Aikido uses joint manipulation(This is not done on growing children) to control an attacker. These joints are warmed up so that no injury occurs. At this stage we also practise strikes. If the attack is weak or off balance then this only serves to weaken your defence.
  2. Break falls : – Aikido also utilises throws to unbalance and halt an attack. Break falls are gradually taught at the student’s pace. This can take some time but the rewards are great. The better the breakfalling the more advanced techniques can be learned.
  3. Technique: – The instructor will demonstrate technique. The class will break into pairs or groups to practise these techniques. The instructors will roam the class pointing out technique and guiding the students on their path.
  4. Practical application: – Aikido is a martial art and as a result does have set forms and techniques. In a real situation or when the attackers are different sizes it may require us to slightly tweak technique to make sure it is practical in everyday life, otherwise it will be dance. The principles learned and techniques demonstrated will be applied in order to encourage the students to think about the techniques learned and eventually be more than just muscle memory (not to be confused with sparring).